Brick Chimney Painting

In case you’re decommissioning an old open chimney, or on the off chance that you have a block chimney that is looking worn out and decrepit, a lick of paint is only the thing to light up it up and could have a significant effect to a room. See our guide on painting a block chimney underneath for the most ideal approach to do this.

Classy painted chimney in dinning room

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Why Paint the Fireplace?

In the event that you’ve recently moved into a more established property, a harmed, old or monstrous chimney could be the one thing keeping a room from extremely coming to fruition. While an out-dated chimney sounds awesome on a fundamental level, they frequently look miserable and terrible as opposed to enchanting and curious. You may locate that a portion of the blocks are harmed, or that the mortar in the middle of is disintegrating and needs supplanting.

A perfectly painted block chimney

On the off chance that there used to be a start shooting yet you like to have an electric or gas fire, or if the smokestack is excessively harmed, making it impossible to make keeping a start shooting feasible, at that point painting the chimney is a smart thought. There is no motivation behind why you should keep the dull, rank, layer of ash!

What Type of Paint to Use?

You’ll have to utilize a decent preliminary and sealer on the block initially to prevent the sediment from coming through and recoloring the paint. Global Paints offer a 3-in-1 Primer, Sealer, Undercoat that will carry out the activity well. Purchase enough to complete two coats.

For the best coat a decent quality eggshell is the best thing to utilize – you should go to an expert – paint store to acquire this, yet it’s justified regardless of the additional legwork as it will last much more and give a more defensive covering.


Begin by moving any furniture and decorations from the chimney, and putting down some defensive sheeting or daily paper. Things will get really muddled to begin with. Right off the bat you should take a bit of sandpaper and give the entire chimney a speedy rub down. This will expel any lose mortar and residue that is developed throughout the years. Wear a residue veil for this activity. Vacuum over the blocks in the wake of sanding to expel however much of the residue as could be expected.

Cleaning the Brickwork

You don’t have to make it shimmer, yet it’s a smart thought to give the brickwork a decent clean to get off as much ash and soil as you can. A decent preliminary/sealer paint ought to guarantee the sediment doesn’t appear on the other side, yet it won’t hurt to decrease that hazard considerably more by wiping some of it off. Regardless of whether the chimney isn’t recolored with ash, blocks and mortar will gather a considerable measure of residue and grime throughout the years so it’s as yet a smart thought to wash it down.

Utilize a firm brush with a can of lathery water to clean the brickwork, and abandon it medium-term to dry before moving onto the subsequent stage. For a more indepth rundown on the best way to clean a block firepleace see our Cleaning a Brick Fireplace venture

Painting the Brickwork

Regardless of whether it’s residue recolored or not, any uncovered brickwork will require preparing before you paint it with the last shading. The 3-in-1 groundwork said above is perfect for the activity. Utilize a thick-snooze roller to apply the paint all the more rapidly. A thicker roller will enable you to out by getting into every one of the alcoves and crevices. You may in any case need to run over the chimney with a brush a while later to get any spots that the roller missed. Enable the groundwork to dry.

Once you’ve painted a layer of introduction on, you’ll have the capacity to perceive any openings or splits significantly more effortlessly. These can be loaded up with decorators caulk – see our Filling Cracks Project for help with this. Once the caulk has dried, run over the chimney with another layer of preliminary. This second coat ought to go on significantly less demanding and be a substantially faster activity. The two coats will give a decent base for your topcoat, and guarantee that no ash or soil comes through to cause recolored patches.

Negligible white painted chimney

Negligible white painted chimney – Image cordiality of

Ensure you let the second layer of groundwork dry totally, at that point get the chance to work painting on the best layer of eggshell. You can utilize emulsion in the event that you favor, yet it won’t be as simple to clean, and won’t keep going as long. Similarly as with the groundwork, utilize a thick-snooze roller to paint on the eggshell, at that point run around with a brush and fill in any plunges and cleft that the roller missed.

When you’ve completed, the chimney will resemble a totally new component – clean and unfussy, and on the off chance that you utilize a decent differentiating shading you can make a genuine element for the room.

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